2022 Workshops

Due to fewer submissions than usual for our annual conference, the Executive Committee has decided to hold two half-day virtual workshops in June in place of the originally planned annual meeting.

In keeping with the original dates we had proposed, the first half-day workshop will be the afternoon (EDT) of Wednesday 22 June. The workshop will entail five 45-minute sessions (with breaks partway through) Following the workshop, we will be hosting an online happy hour with space for us to gather and socialize for a bit to remind ourselves of the joys of doing philosophy with our IAEP colleagues.

The second half-day workshop will be the morning (EDT) of Friday 24 June. It will entail four 45 minutes sessions and will wrap up in time for lunch (on the east coast of North America at least). The program for the workshops is below.

While there will be no cost for attendance at these workshops, registration is still required so that we can ensure that you receive the appropriate link to join us online. Please go HERE to register no later than Monday, June 20.

Spring 2022 IAEP Online Workshops

Wednesday 22 June

1:00–1:45: “Sustainability and Iconoclastic Technology: Jacques Ellul and Modern Wind Power,” Richard Kover (St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta)

1:45–2:30: “Radical Carbon Dioxide Removal as Resistance to Climate Injustice,” Patrick Smith (The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership)

2:30–2:45: Break

2:45–3:30: “Becoming Alert: Ortega y Gasset’s Meditations on Hunting and the Possibilities for Eco-Existentialism,” Damon Boria (Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University)

3:30–4:15:“Dialogical Relations to Place: Merleau-Ponty and Plumwood Go For a Walk,” Annie Ring (University of Oregon)

4:15–4:30: Break

4:30–5:15: “Towards a Non-Denominational Ecological Conversion: Three Tensions,” Russell Duvernoy (King’s University College at Western University)

5:15–?: Happy Hour

Friday 24 June

9:00–9:45: “Do Not Come Over’: Climate Migration and Sovereignty,” Dan Boscov-Ellent (Pratt Institute)

9:45–10:30: “Science and Ideology: Should ecological policy be put to the vote?” Lisa Roux (Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour)

10:30–10:45: Break

10:45–11:30: “Is there a measure on Earth? Heidegger and the hermeneutical problems of degrowth,” Magdalena Holy-Luczaj (University of Information Technology and Management, Poland)

11:30–12:15: “Bio-temporal-diversity and becoming-through-death,” Justin Simpson (University of Georgia)