(As amended February 2014)



1. The Name of this organization shall be the International Association for Environmental Philosophy.


1. The purpose of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy is to provide a forum for wide-ranging philosophical discussion of nature and the human relation to the natural environment. We define the Association’s breadth of scope to be environmental philosophy in the most comprehensive sense, i.e. not only environmental ethics, but environmental aesthetics, environmental ontology, environmental theology, the philosophy of science, environmental political philosophy, philosophy of technology, ecofeminism, and other areas. We define its breadth in methodology by the diverse approaches we bring to these issues, including many schools of Continental Philosophy, studies in the history of philosophy, and the tradition of American philosophy.


1. The Association is not organized for profit. Its purposes are exclusively philosophical and educational, and the Association shall conform to the Internal Revenue Code as it defines such associations.

2. The Association’s Executive Committee officers and Members of its Board of Directors shall serve without remuneration.


1. The initial membership of the Association will consist of the Steering Committee formed in October, 1997.

2. Subsequent membership is open to anyone sharing the aims of the Association. Dues shall be assigned as is appropriate to support the activities of the Association.

3. Student and Retiree members shall pay dues at a reduced rate.


1. The Association’s Executive Committee shall consist of two Co-Directors, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and two Executive Committee Members at Large. The Executive Committee shall also serve as the Program Committee, determining the program for the Association’s annual meetings. Executive Committee members will serve three-year terms, and may succeed themselves in the same office. Terms shall be staggered, beginning with the election of one Co-Director, Treasurer, and one Member at Large at the end of the Association’s third year, with the remaining Executive Committee members elected the following year.

2. The Co-Directors shall share in the administration of the Association. They shall have final responsibility for the program at the Association’s annual meetings, including the prerogative of inviting papers to be read, as well making the arrangements for the meeting. The Co-Directors shall have general charge of the business of the Association, and shall preside at the annual Business Meeting.

3. The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting of the Association, and make copies available to members. The Secretary shall keep a current list of members in the Association. The Secretary shall also prepare and maintain a bibliography of writings in environmental philosophy by Association members and others that fall within the scope of the Association’s concerns.

4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs of the Association, receiving donations and dues and disbursing the Association’s funds on behalf of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall keep a written record of receipts and expenditures and submit a report to the Association’s meeting.

5. The two Members at Large shall serve on the Executive Committee and shall also serve on the Program Committee.

6. Members of the Executive Committee will normally be expected to attend each of the Association’s annual meetings.


1. The Board of Directors shall advise the Executive Committee as is necessary.

3.The membership of the Board of Directors shall be maintained at a level deemed reasonable and appropriate by the organization, as determined in the following manner. New members in the Board can be nominated by a petition of six IAEP members, submitted to either of the Co-Directors no later than two weeks prior to the annual business meeting, for elections to be held at that meeting. Members will be rotated out when they cease active attendance at IAEP meetings for three or more years, unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee.

4. Members of the Board of Directors should attend the Association’s annual meetings regularly.

5. The Chair of the Board of Directors shall be selected from the members of the current Board. The Chair will be responsible for calling meetings of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board will also be responsible for conducting elections for Executive Committee positions.


1. The annual meeting of the Association shall consist of a program and a business meeting, and shall be held at a time and place determined at the previous year’s business meeting.


1. Election of the Executive Committee shall be conducted electronically by the Chair of the Board. Members will be elected by a majority of all dues paying members who vote.  Nominations for open positions shall be made by mid-January, with the election to follow within two weeks.

2. Election to the Board of Directors will be by majority vote of dues paying members at the Association’s annual meeting.

3. A member of the Executive Committee who resigns his or her position prior to the completion of his or her term shall be replaced by someone appointed by the Executive Committee.  The replacement will be named only to complete the remaining time of the term, but shall not be named to a full three-year term.  The replacement, like any other member of the Executive Committee, will be eligible, upon completion of the partial term, to be nominated for a full term in the same or another position.


1. The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds electronic vote open to all the Association’s members. The Executive Committee shall issue a Call for Amendment upon the written petition of ten members.


In the event that this Association should dissolve, any remaining assets shall be donated to a similar not for profit environmental organization, to be chosen by the Board of Directors.