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2022 CFP Extended Deadline

Dear IAEP friends,

We have extended the deadline for our call for proposals to April 15th. I hope you’ll consider sharing your work with our community.

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2022 Call for Papers

Dear colleagues,

The Call for Papers for our 2022 Annual Meeting is now available online. IAEP will meet in Alberta CA this year, and we hope you’ll propose work to share with us.  See details here:

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2021 Annual Meeting Information

Dear colleagues,

The International Association for Environmental Philosophy’s 2021 annual meeting will be taking place virtually next Friday and Saturday, October 15-16. This year’s conference program can be found here:

There is no registration fee this year, but all attendees are required to register in advance, which can be done here:
Registration will get you advance access to the papers for the conference as well.

Last of all, please remember that all presenters must be current members of IAEP, in addition to registering for the conference. You can join, check, or renew your membership here:

We have an excellent selection of work this year and are looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference.

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2021 CFP Extended

Dear colleagues,

We are extending our call for papers for the International Association for Environmental Philosophy to June 1. We hope you’ll consider sharing your work!  Please find our extended call for the 2021 meeting of IAEP at this link:

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2020 Annual Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

IAEP’s annual conference will take place online on Friday 9 October and Saturday 10 October. You can find the program at this link.

All of those presenting at the conference must be members of IAEP. If you are on the program and are not yet a member of the Association, please follow this link to our membership page.

Although we are not charging a fee for this year’s conference, we are requiring that presenters and attendees register in advance. We will have info on how to do so up shortly. Only those who have preregistered will be granted access to the conference.

Thank you all for your patience and forbearance as we have worked through the various details of how to put together and run an online conference.

With our best wishes,

Janet Donohoe and Jonathan Maskit
IAEP Co-Directors

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A Statement of Support from the IAEP Executive Committee

Dear IAEP Members and Friends,

As an organization committed to social justice, the International Association for Environmental Philosophy has listened carefully to communities of color and the other voices of Black Lives Matter as they call for racial justice, challenge systemic racism, and protest the militarization of U.S. police forces. We stand in solidarity. Now is the time to relay and amplify the demands of Black Lives Matter for the sake of a just and peaceful world.

As environmental philosophers we recognize that environmental harms are often concentrated in Black communities and communities of color while the benefits for which such harms were produced accrue largely to white communities. We recognize that the histories of racism and settler colonialism are intertwined with the history of environmental destruction.

We understand the environment not as “pristine nature,” but as a place where the exploitation and extraction of settler colonialism and racialized capitalism has destroyed, and continues to destroy, lands and their myriad living bodies, cultures, and peoples. Police brutality against Black bodies in the U.S. is part of the ongoing trauma and degradation produced by the forces of colonialism and racial capitalism that continue to shape our shared society today.

As continental philosophers we recognize that the “easy” universal voice with which much philosophy has been, and continues to be, written has often covered over various forms of exclusion and marginalization, including the exclusion and marginalization of Black and Indigenous people, and people of color generally.

We recognize too that environmental philosophy has often been exclusionary. The field’s early focus on a romantic depopulated notion of wilderness is but one example of the ways in which our field too has been racist.

We support the central demands that Black Lives Matter has articulated, originating from Black voices. We believe there needs to be acknowledgement of and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of black lives at the hands of the police. The systemic racism and cultures of corruption exemplified by arbitrary police violence must be confronted and eradicated.

As IAEP’s Executive Committee we continue to be committed to the work of environmental theorizing not as an alternative to the work of engaging with social and political issues, but as part and parcel of them. We are committed to listening and are always open to how we could do better.

The IAEP Executive Committee
Jonathan Maskit
Janet Donohoe
Jonathan Beever
Bryan Bannon
Rachel Jones
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer

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202 Conference Update

Dear IAEP Members and Friends,
We hope you and those dear to you are well in these trying times.
We are writing with an update regarding IAEP’s planned conference this coming October.
As most of you know, we hold our conference in conjunction with SPEP (the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy). SPEP, as the larger organization, has graciously organized meeting space, hotel rates, etc. for us for 20+ years now. As some of you will already know, SPEP, in response to the Covid–19 pandemic, has cancelled their conference, and with it ours, at least as planned for the weekend of 10–11 October in Toronto.
We and our Executive Committee are currently discussing how best to move forward. We are looking at various options (having a “live” conference at some other location, having an online conference, postponing the conference, cancelling the conference, etc.). There are, as you surely are aware, many unknowns about the fall, which makes planning difficult.
For those who submitted proposals for the conference, we ask your forbearance. We will be back in touch shortly with further information and what steps, if any, are required of you, e.g., letting us know whether you wish your abstract to be considered for a conference with potentially a different format, on different dates, or in a different location (or in no location at all!).
Thank you for your understanding.
Best wishes from both of us,
Jonathan Maskit and Janet Donohoe
IAEP Co-Directors

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2020 Annual Meeting CFP

Dear Colleagues,
The call for proposals is now available online for our Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting, taking place October 10-12 in Toronto following SPEP. Submissions are due by February 15, 2020. You can find the full CFP here:

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IAEP at APA-Eastern CFP

Dear colleagues,

Please consider proposing to share your work in environmental philosophy at our IAEP session at the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association in Philadelphia, PA from January 8-11, 2020.

Proposals should be sent to The deadline for submissions of abstracts is May 31, 2019. Notification of selection will be made by mid-June. Note that all presenters must be members of IAEP at the time of the conference.

Proposals are chosen through a blind review process and so should not include identifying information. The body of the proposal email should include detailed contact information of the author(s). Attach your blinded proposal to the email as a pdf or MS Word document. In the case of panel proposals, a description of the theme of the panel should be included alongside proposals for each of the papers in that panel. Please note that no audio-visual equipment will be available for presentations at the conference.

The International Association for Environmental Philosophy offers a forum for the philosophical discussion of our relation to natural environments. Embracing a broad understanding of environmental philosophy, IAEP encourages not only discussions of environmental ethics, but also of environmental aesthetics, ontology, theology, philosophy of science, political philosophy, ecofeminism, and the philosophy of technology. IAEP also welcomes a diversity of approaches to these issues, including those inspired by Continental philosophy, the history of ideas, and traditions of American philosophy.

Membership in IAEP is open to everyone. For information about joining IAEP or subscribing to the journal Environmental Philosophy, please visit our website

For more info contact Jonathan Beever at

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2019 Annual Meeting CFP

Dear IAEP Members,

The call for papers for our 2019 annual meeting is now available online. The submission deadline is February 15, 2019, and the full CFP can be found at this link:

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