Executive Committee Update and Member-at-Large Election

Nominations are now closed for new officers of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy. The following members of the Executive Committee have been elected by acclaim:

1. Barbara Muraca as Co-Director

2. Margret Grebowicz as Member-at-Large (3-year term)

 The membership will hold an election by email ballot to select a Member-at-Large for a 2-year term from the following two candidates:

1. Brian Treanor for a second term

2. Nicolae Morar

Brian Treanor is Professor of Philosophy and Director of Environmental Studies at Loyola Marymount University. He received his Ph.D. at Boston College studying under Richard Kearney and Jacques Taminiaux. His research covers a wide variety of issues from a broadly hermeneutic perspective, and his most recent environmental work focuses on the role of narrative in the cultivation of environmental virtues. He is the author of Emplotting Virtue (SUNY 2014) and Aspects of Alterity (Fordham 2006) and the editor of Interpreting Nature (Fordham 2013) and A Passion for the Possible (Fordham 2010). He is currently finishing work on two additional edited collections—Being in Creation (Fordham 2015) and Carnal Hermeneutics (Fordham 2015)—and is working on a monograph on the topic of joy as it is related to carnal embodiment and the material world.

Nicolae Morar is an applied ethicist whose research interests are at the intersection of microbial biology, environmental sciences, ethics, and biopolitics. He received his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in France and has earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Purdue University. His dissertation analyzes the ways in which current biotechnologies alter traditional conceptions of human nature. He is a Co-PI on the grant Biodiversity at Twenty-Five: The Problem of Ecological Proxy Values which will provide a critical assessment of the normative role of biodiversity. He is also a Co-PI on the grant Between Deleuze and Foucault, which will make available a first complete transcription and translation of Deleuze’s 1985-1986 seminar on Foucault. In 2011, he was a Visiting Scholar at The Hastings Center. He recently joined the Rock Ethics Institute at The Pennsylvania State University as a Post Doctoral Scholar.

All election votes will be kept strictly confidential.  Please send your vote to both Ted Toadvine, Chair Pro-Tempore, Board of Directors (toadvine@uoregon.edu) and Ladelle McWhorter, Member, Board of Directors (lmcwhort@richmond.edu).  The deadline for voting is  Monday, March 24.

Thank you for your continued support of IAEP.